What is the Clean Manifesto?

The Clean Manifesto is a different way of thinking about everyday life. Like a trusted friend with a sharp wit and impeccable taste, we find beauty in everyday things and enjoy the simple pleasures of an ordered life and a well-run home: beds made, dishes done (and put away) and fresh flowers in the bathrooms.

Never one to scold or correct you, the Manifesto hopes to entertain inspire and bring out the best in you.

At CM, we love a bawdy joke told with beautiful manners and served with lashings of gin. Nobody likes a prude.

Style trumps Fashion every time.
In tradition and routine.
A gentleman should know how to dance, shake hands and handle his liquor.
A lady with no secrets holds no mystery at all.
Only boring people get bored.
In doing it properly the first time.
A tidy desk means a tidy mind.
In polished shoes and organized handbags.
There is a place for everything and likes everything in its place.
In occasional dust, but not dirt.
In folding clothes while they’re still warm from the dryer.
In lighting the candles and using the good china.
That children will rise to the occasion, if you let them.
A little television is a very good thing.
In shooting for the moon, but being happy with the stars.

We have gloves in the glove compartment, a letter opener for the mail, a real wicker picnic basket and no time for braggarts or nincompoops.

Please join us. Life is too short to be ordinary.