Spring Cleaning Prep: The Right Cloth for the Job

Spring Clean Prep: The Right Cloth for the Job

Your new box of beautiful cleaning products is sitting prettily under the sink, and you feel ready to tackle any cleaning challenge. But hang about, Possum! You need to sort out your cleaning cloth situation. They are the foot soldiers of the cleaning world. Using the right cloth with the right cleaner is essential. Get it wrong and you’ll work twice as hard for half the result.

Here is our Perfect Pairing GuideMiddleBorder-01-01

Flour Sack Cloths + DIshes

Save the fancy linen dishtowels for picnics and barbecues. For everyday dish drying, you want Flour Sack. These thin, lint free cloths are perfect for drying dishes, glasses and polishing stemware. That’s it. Don’t be tempted to start cleaning with them, or you will ruin them. Continue reading